Guangzhou LiChangTai Ship Trading Co.Ltd. is located in  the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area——NanSha District, Guangzhou City. The company was established in 2023, It is a professional ship trading company.The company mainly sells engineering ships such as self-unloading ships, flatbed ships, container ships,excavator ships, dredger then we also provides services such as parts sales, ship maintenance, and ship operation management.

The company's predecessor was Guangzhou Lichangtai Shipping Co.Ltd., which owned a number of self-unloading ships. During the operation period , it mainly focused on the transportation of construction stones (gravel, sand), and also engaged in the transportation of iron, sand and coal.

For now, Our business operations include domestic and foreign transportation and the sale and purchase of ships.Our company has rich experience in import and export trade, even has overseas to operate and manage ships, providing efficient transportation services to our cooperative customers. Relying on our own resources and advantages, we put integrity first, innovation first and provide customers with high-quality services seriously. We have not only won the trust and favor of our customers but also received recognition and support from peers, associations and government authorities. In years of practice, we have accumulated great industry experience and mastered the ship transportation, manufacturing and management system.